David H. Parisi

Photography has been a favorite pastime since I bought my first 35mm camera, a Minolta SR-T 101 way back in 1970. Over the years I've shot thousands of color and B&W prints and slides of subjects ranging from landscapes, still life, wild life and portraits, to concerts, festivals, politicians, and celebrities. I've also dabbled with darkroom processes, infrarerd, and various forms of trick photography, in and out of the camera.

At the turn of the last century, I moved from film to digital photography, now enjoying the chance to expand my subject matter and techniques, and having more fun with trick photography through the tools Photoshop® has to offer.

On this site, I have included some of my favorite photos, especially those of recent years, as digital photos are easy to transfer. I now face the imense task of finding and digitizing some of my best work from slides and negatives, wherever they may be lurking.

This is a site always in progress, and new photos will be added, both as taken, and also as found in the archives. If you like what you see, and you know me, please let me know. If you don't know me, please feel free to download and/or purchase what you like (if I have allowed it), but please do not post or republish any of my work without giving me full credit. Thank you and enjoy! — David H. Parisi
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