We've Moved!

Since 2019 this site has been a temporary holding location for new Parisi Family photos and videos, as well as some old content.

A new site has been created to replace the expired site at ParisiFamily.com, which was suspended on May 4, 2021.

Temporary content from this site and the site at ParisiFamily.com has now been moved to the newly-created site, found at the same www.parisifamily.com web address.

One note about privacy. While the original web site was available for the eyes of the general public, the new site is password-protected and meant only for the eyes of Parisi Family members and their guests.

The new Family Photo site is basically a photo-sharing & storage site provided by SmugMug, formatted to resemble the old ParisiFamily site, using cloud technology which allows for easier uploads of photos and videos, plus the capacity to hold unlimited full-resolution photo files and up to 20-minute video clips. The new site also has the means of providing visitors easy photo downloads, either individual or in batches. Photos can also be purchased as prints or imprinted on a variety of items.

Clicking on the image of Nonno and Nonna above will take you to the new site, where you will need to enter the 14-character password, which (at least for now) is Nonno's birth city, followed by his first name, no spaces or punctuation, all lower case.This same hint is available at the site's password entry page.

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